Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter 1310mm Working Area, Stand Collection Basket


The Smartcutting vinyl cutter is designed to offer a precise solution for contour cutting various materials. With a generous 1310mm working area, it is particularly well-suited for handling large vinyl sheets. The inclusion of a stand and collection basket adds convenience and organization to your work. Ideal for applications such as sign making, vehicle labeling, and decal production, this cutting vinyl cutter is equipped with an internal memory capable of storing up to 4GB of designs and patterns, enhancing your workflow. User-friendly, easy to operate, and precise in cutting, it stands as a reliable choice for your business needs.


Featuring a 32-bit ARM CPU with a 4M Internal Cache and 16M Memory for cutting job storage, the vinyl cutter ensures data resilience even after a power loss. It supports a repeat cutting function for the last job, utilizing a microstepping stepper motor driving system with 0.005mm per step. Crafted with a main chassis and stand made from aluminum alloy, it comes with a one-year warranty. Operating on household 220V electricity and compatible with generators through our Precision AVR, this machine utilizes Roland® compatible blades and includes 5 free blades.

Capable of cutting 2mm high English letters, it offers a cutting/plotting speed ranging from 50 to 500mm per second, with digital adjustable cutting pressure from 5 to 1000 grams. The cutting thickness on normal vinyl ranges from 0.05mm up to 2mm, facilitated by two-level pressure pinch rollers. Mechanical resolution stands at 0.005mm with repeatable precision of 0.005mm.

Featuring a real USB port for plug-and-play functionality (no driver required on Windows systems), it can be installed as a printer for any program, such as CorelDRAW™. Supporting standard HPGL and DMPL language, it can function as an AutoCAD™ plotter. The touch screen includes precision step-by-step movement control. It can directly cut .PLT files from a flash drive without requiring a computer connection.

Equipped with a built-in red laser pointer, this vinyl cutter supports contour cutting. The high friction steel grit roller facilitates vinyl feeding, ensuring high moving accuracy, especially on heavy vinyl. The vinyl cutter comes with a stand, offering a 1310mm working area and 1205mm cutting area. Additionally, a connection basket is included, making it easier to roll back long cutting jobs.


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