Read more about our design and artwork requirements FOR high quality

Read more about our design and artwork requirements FOR high quality Branded marketing items

We charge R250.00 for layout of your logo and contact details on the products ordered with a maximum of 3 layout changes included in the fee. We will however require your logo / artwork in a high-resolution PDF format (Originally designed format)(Vector PDF). Should you not have logos and other art to be printed in the correct format available an additional logo redraw / design charge of R450.00 per hour will be charged for design services.

If Artwork is required in specific colours we require Pantone Codes to ensure matching with your brand-specific colours. No two printers or sub-straights are the same, therefore colours may vary from product to product.

Images saved from a website and other low-resolution files cannot be used as these images becomes pixelated and display poor quality when enlarged.

To Upload your Artwork please use WeTransfer Service.


  • Click on the WeTransfer link  or open your browser and type in
  • Click on: I agree
  • Click on Add Your Files and Select Files to be Uploaded from your Computer
  • Email To: [email protected]
  • Your Email: (Fill with your email address)
  • Message: (Type your Order Number and Company Name)
  • Select Send as email
  • Click on Transfer

Preferred File Formats:
– PDF (Adobe Acrobat): We recommend using PDF as the preferred file format.
– AI (Adobe Illustrator): Adobe Illustrator files are accepted.
– PSD (Adobe Photoshop): Photoshop files can be used for artwork.
– CDR (Corel Draw): Corel Draw files are also accepted.

General Requirements:
– All artwork must be saved or supplied in our templates at a 1:1 scale.
– Fonts: Ensure that all fonts have been converted to outlines or curves.
– Image Resolution: All images used should be high resolution (96dpi or higher) at a 1:1 scale.
– PDF Standard: Do not use a .pdf Standard (e.g., PDF/X-1a:2001) when saving the .pdf, as this can corrupt the artwork.
– Color Mode: Colors should be in CMYK (RGB, Pantone, and Spot Colors are not accepted).
– Overprint: Make sure that NO colors are set to “Over Print.”

File-Specific Requirements:

For AI (Adobe Illustrator):
– All fonts must be converted to outlines.
– All images must be embedded.

For PSD (Adobe Photoshop):
– Open the template at 1:1 scale in CMYK Mode and set the resolution to 96dpi (Minimum).
– Ensure your workspace is set to CMYK Color Mode.
– Do not flatten the layers when supplying the .psd file for print.

For CDR (Corel Draw):
– Convert all fonts to curves.
– Ensure all images used are high resolution (96dpi+ at 1:1 Scale).
– Set outlines in the .cdr artwork to scale with the artwork.

Additional Notes:
– Before sending your artwork, verify that all elements are suitable for high-quality printing.
– Set artwork to CMYK colors.
– Remove the product template and guidelines from your artwork.
– For shades of grey, use only the K channel (e.g., C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=60%).
– Use Rich Black for large black areas (e.g., C=30%, M=30%, Y=30%, K=100%).
– For black hairlines and text, set them to K only (e.g., C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100%).
– Save artwork at a 1:1 scale according to the specified product template dimensions.
– Ensure that the artwork is saved without using a PDF/X Standard.

Artwork Submission:
– Artwork may be supplied via e-mail (not larger than 6MB per total attachment/s), CD/DVD disc, or FTP.

Feel free to reach out to SourcePrinting if you have any questions or need further assistance with your artwork submissions.

Outdoor Templates:

Vendor Kiosk Gazebo
1.5 x 1.5 Back Pack Gazebo Roof
1.5 x 1.5 Gazebo Flat Roof
1.5 x 1.5 Gazebo Roof – 1240mm(h)
1.5 x 1.5 Gazebo Roof – 1270mm(h)
1.5 x 1.5 Gazebo Wall

2m Gazebo Flat Roof
2m Gazebo Wall
2m x 2m Gazebo Roof

3m Gazebo Half Wall
3m Gazebo Wall
3m x 3m Gazebo Roof

4.5m Gazebo Wall
3m Gazebo Wall
4.5m x 3m Gazebo Roof

6m Gazebo Full Wall
3m Gazebo Wall
6m x 3m Gazebo Roof

8m Gazebo Half Wall
8m Gazebo Wall
8m x 4m Gazebo Roof