Heat Press, with Extended Flat and All 7 3D Shape Press (8 Combo)


The Combo 8 Heat Press Multitalent is an exceptional solution for various heat pressing needs. With a potent 1400W output, this machine effortlessly manages demanding tasks. The 380x380mm flat press accommodates materials like t-shirts, and the versatile 3D shape presses cover mugs, plates, caps, and cups. Its ingenious design allows for swift and uncomplicated transitions between different press types, catering to busy print shops and hobbyists alike. Built with durability in mind and featuring user-friendly controls, this heat press guarantees reliability as a valuable addition to your endeavors for years to come. Secure yours today!


Harness the power of Single Phase 240V Household Electricity with a formidable 1400W Output in the Heatware  Combo 8 Heat Press Multitalent. With a Temperature Control Range spanning from a minimal 93°C (200°F) to a scorching 232°C (450°F), achieve precise temperature control with less than a 2-degree Celsius variance. The Automatic Heating Stop Counter offers flexibility, ranging from 1 to 999 seconds. Elevate your heat pressing capabilities with this reliable and efficient machine.

WEIGHT 24.5 kg
DIMENSIONS 46 × 45 × 60 cm


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