Printing Kit 6 System with Silhouette Cameo Vinyl cutter


A complete business solution printing and branding various blank items. This system includes:
*Combo heat press
*A4 desktop printer
*Sublimation starter kit
*Mini Dask Cameo Vinyl cutter
*Training pack



Our 6 System stands out as a preferred choice, offering comprehensive sublimation and vinyl application equipment, catering to the customization needs of various products. Whether targeting niche markets, corporate branding, novelty items, or special occasions, this 6 system is a versatile solution.

Designed with entrepreneurs and crafters entering the printing industry in mind, the 6 System is not only affordable but also flexible, providing a broad spectrum of marketable products. Its expandable options ensure adaptability, allowing it to evolve alongside your growing business endeavors and become the core of your operations.

Key benefits of our 6 System combo:

1. Full sublimation equipment accommodating a wide range of products.
2. Ideal for customizing niche, corporate, novelty, or special occasion items.
3. High-quality printing for a polished and professional appearance.
4. Versatile system capable of handling various materials and products.
5. User-friendly with intuitive controls, eliminating the need for additional special programs.
6. Fast and efficient, enabling quick turnaround times on orders.
7. Reliable and durable, ensuring consistent results over time.
8. Supported by our experienced and knowledgeable team for any questions or issues you may encounter.

We provide two Sublimation Printer Options. It’s crucial to understand the distinctions between them before selecting the appropriate one for your needs.

1. **Desktop Converted Printer:**
– We include a standard A4 Desktop Epson printer in this package.
Note: This printer doesn’t come with any warranties if used with Sublimation ink. Neither we nor Epson will repair or replace the printer under such circumstances. It is used at your own risk.

**Sublimation Starter Kit includes:**
– 400ml sublimation ink
– 1 roll Heat Tape
– 1 roll silicon paper
– Ink Guide
– 1 Blank T-Shirt
– 1 Printed t-shirt
– 1 USB Cable

2. **Epson F100 Sublimation Printer:**
– This printer is a specialized Epson Sublimation printer.
– Benefit from the peace of mind provided by the Epson warranty for your printer. The Epson printer is built for perfection, offering fast printing and ensuring excellent color and quality.

**The printer includes:**
– 400ml sublimation ink
– 1 roll Heat Tape
– 1 roll silicon paper
– 1 Blank T-Shirt
– 1 Printed t-shirt
– 1 USB Cable

Carefully choose the system with the printer option that aligns with your requirements.

The 6in1 Press for Sublimation, Transfer Printing, and Vinyl Application

Experience a seamless and hassle-free printing process with our versatile 6in1 press. Take a look at some of its key features:

– 28x38cm Flat Element with a base attachment
– Baseball Cap Element with a base attachment
– 2 Mug Elements with a mug attachment.
– 2 round Elements
– Power Cord
– 220V Digital Control Box operating in Celsius.
– Self-regulating digital temperature settings and a digital timer
– Rated for South African conditions and Electrical Compliant.

Our 6 systems is equipped with two Electronic cutter options, and we highly recommend the Silhouette Range for the following reasons:

The Silhouette Electronic Cutter is available in both 300mm and 200mm wide cutters, suitable for HTV, vinyl, and various other media. Renowned for its functional and durable design, the Silhouette brand is known for user-friendly software that is free to download and use.

Key features of the Silhouette Electronic Cutters include:

– Cutting up to 3m long without additional high-priced accessories
– Cutting any media with a backing without the need for cutting mats
– Compatibility with signage media, minimizing media costs (e.g., stickers, vinyl, and iron-on media)
– The ability to print to any printer and cut the design directly in the software.

Opt for the Super 6 Systems for comprehensive design solutions and Silhouette Electronic Cutters for an efficient and cost-effective media cutting solution.

Your system also includes:

  • Training guide and user manual.
  • Training pack with blank products and media.


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