400×600MM Swing-Away Flat Press Heat Press


Your ultimate solution for achieving flawless t-shirt prints. This 1800W Swing-Away Heavy Duty Flat Press Heat Press Machine, with a generous 400×600mm surface, is expertly designed to deliver professional-grade results with ease. Built with robust construction, it ensures durability for prolonged usage, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs in the t-shirt printing business. The swing-away design facilitates easy access to the print area, and the adjustable pressure gauge guarantees precision in every print. User-friendly and versatile, Heat Press offers the flexibility to create high-quality prints on various materials. Elevate your t-shirt printing endeavors with this machine, excellence in every press.


Operate with Single Phase 220V Household Power, delivering a Maximum Output of 1800W. Achieve Heat Press Temperatures of up to 400°C (752°F), defaulting to a safe 270°C. Ensure Temperature Control Precision within Less Than 2 Degrees Celsius. Experience an Automatic Heating Stop Counter with a Range from 1 to 999 Seconds. Benefit from a Die Casting Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Heating Surface, featuring Heating Elements Casted-In on the Top Surface. Enjoy a Rubberized Handle on a Large Bearing, utilizing a Suspend on Springs Structure. Embrace the Swing-Away Head Structure, capable of a 180-Degree Swing, with a Heavy Steel Base for Weight Balance. Adjust the Height of the Base to accommodate different cloth thicknesses and varying press pressure requirements. Elevate your heat pressing capabilities with this amazing machine – precision, safety, and versatility at your fingertips.

WEIGHT 52 kg
DIMENSIONS 76 × 64 × 50 cm


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