9 Heat Press, Flat Press, Shoe Press, 3D Shape (Mugs/Plates/Cups/Cap)


Introducing the Combo 9 1400W Heat Press Multitalent! This versatile machine is a powerhouse, featuring a flat press, shoe press, and 3D shape presses for mugs, plates, cups, and caps. With a generous 290x380mm surface area, you can effortlessly create intricate designs on various materials such as fabric, metal, and ceramic with precision and ease. Packed with cutting-edge features like digital temperature control and a unique pressure adjustment system, this heat press ensures reliable and consistent results with every use. Whether you’re running a large-scale business or a small venture, the Combo 9 is the ultimate tool for all your heat transfer needs.


Leverage the potential of a Single Phase 240V Household Power Supply, delivering a formidable 1400W Output. Take command of your heat pressing endeavors with precise temperature control spanning from a minimum of 93°C (200°F) to a maximum of 232°C (450°F). Experience unparalleled accuracy in temperature control, ensuring optimal outcomes within a margin of fewer than 2 degrees Celsius. Enhance operational flexibility with the automatic heating stop counter, offering a customizable range from 1 to 999 seconds. Empower your heat transfer projects with cutting-edge technology, providing efficiency and dependability for all your pressing requirements.



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