Outdoor Branded Gazebo Special Kit (Combo 19)


Product Highlights:

– 1 x SourcePrinting Branded Gazebo Canvas & Steel Frame (3m x 3m)
– 1 x SourcePrinting Branded Gazebo Full Wall (3m x 2m)
– 2 x SourcePrinting Branded Gazebo Half Walls (3m x 1m)
– 4 x SourcePrinting Branded Fin Flag Banners (3m)
– 2 x SourcePrinting Branded Directors Chairs
– 1 x SourcePrinting Branded Table Cloth (3m x 2m)
– 1 x SourcePrinting Pop-Up Table (1.8m x 0.7m)

Discover our extensive range of branding solutions at SourcePrinting, including gazebos, branded flags, custom banners, branded umbrellas, and much more. Feel free to reach out today to secure your order and amplify your brand’s visibility!


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Introducing our SourcePrinting Show Day Branded Gazebo Combo: a thoughtfully curated collection of products meticulously designed to complement one another seamlessly. These Printed gazebo combos are tailored for exceptional advertising at trade shows, corporate events, and sports venues, providing a versatile solution for your dynamic mobile marketing needs.

At SourcePrinting, we take great pride in the craftsmanship of our Branded Gazebo Combos. Each combo is expertly manufactured using premium materials, featuring 100% polyester fabric with varying grades  (depending on the specific product), reinforced with the finest cotton threads to ensure exceptional durability. What’s more, our product frames are engineered for swift assembly and disassembly, constructed from top-quality materials.

As the manufacturer, SourcePrinting eliminates intermediaries from the equation, ensuring you receive unmatched quality at the most competitive price points available.


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