0.3m UV DTF Printer Complete, EPSON Printheads, Software, CMYK/White Inks, Varnish, UV Ink Cleaner, 0.3m Printing Film Roll


0.3m UV-DTF Printer Complete Set with Consumables, include EPSON XP600 Printheads and Software, CMYK/White Inks, Varnish, UV Ink Cleaner and 0.3m Printing Film Roll

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Advanced printing solution featuring a 400mm rolled media feeding width and 300mm printing area. Equipped with a Print EXP Controller, this printer offers precise hardware control with easy-to-use alignment tools and a printhead temperature monitor.

With bi-directional printing capability, this printer delivers impressive speeds, achieving approximately 8m2/h in 4 Pass Draft Mode, 5m2/h in 6 Pass Production Mode, and 4m2/h in 8 Pass Quality Mode.

The printer features EPSON XP600 Disposable Printheads compatible with a variety of inks including solvent, eco-solvent, water-based, DTF, and UV inks. It includes a negative pressure continuous ink supply system (CISS) or bulk ink system for seamless ink supply.

Automatic printhead cleaning functions, anti ink-blocking, auto flash, and moisturizing ensure smooth operation. An automatic lifting printhead ink capping system, along with easy alignment and better printhead seal protection, enhances overall performance.

Connectivity is hassle-free with a 100M network cable for fast and stable printing. The printer comes with two EPSON XP600 Printheads and  PRINT Software, along with CMYK/W inks, varnish, cleaner, and UVDTF printing films.

For UV ink curing, the printer utilizes three water-less UV lamps, with lamp power controlled by a dial. Additionally, it features a built-in laminator for film application, with an 800W heating element (not continuously working) and a maximum temperature of 100°C.

Operating on household 220V electricity, the printer has a standby power consumption of 50W (without heating the laminator) and a maximum power consumption of 500W + 800W (heating the laminator).

Supporting printing resolutions of 720×720 DPI (4 pass), 720×1080 DPI (6 pass), and 720×1440 DPI (8 pass), this printer ensures high-quality prints every time.

For easy installation, the printer comes with fully robotic silicon-sealed 2x 29PIN cables preassembled, preventing ink spillage. The sealed data cables have been proven to prevent over-flushed ink spillage.


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