295mm Automatic Tablet Film Cutting Machine


295mm Automatic Tablet Film Cutting Machine (Wi-Fi Connectivity) with 1-Year Unlimited Access to Mobile Device Shape Libraries

Revolutionize your precision crafting with the 295mm Automatic Cell Phone/Tablet Film Cutter and Cover Maker Machine. Effortlessly cutting and crafting covers for cell phones and tablets, this innovative machine seamlessly blends efficiency and precision. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, it seamlessly integrates into your workflow. Benefit from a full year of unlimited access to mobile device shape libraries, unlocking a wide range of design possibilities. The 295mm cutting width adds versatility, making it ideal for various devices. Whether you’re a business aiming for impeccable precision and speed or an enthusiast, this machine simplifies the process, becoming a cornerstone for creating flawless covers and films. Take your production to new heights!


Access an always up-to-date mobile device shape database online, featuring 150+ brands and over 10,000 templates for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and watches. Our comprehensive library covers all possible devices that require a protection film. The machine is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, requiring internet access for database retrieval and film cutting, with unlimited cutting and no per-cut credit needed. Enjoy one year of unlimited access to the shape library, with free annual renewal for those who purchase 1000+ film sheets annually through authorized distribution channels.

This specialized vinyl cutter, based on the film cutter model, is designed for cutting protection films for mobile devices, including front cover film, back decoration film, and full-body film. Capable of cutting films up to 1mm thickness, it supports various materials such as TPU, TPH, PP, PVC, PET, hydrogel films, and anti-explosion films. The machine features a unique auto-feeding system, deskewing, and position detection for easy operation.

With a maximum cutting width of 29.5mm, it works with 120×180mm protection films and tablet films. The machine utilizes Roland® compatible tungsten carbide alloy extra-sharp blades specialized for film cutting, with three free blades included. It offers an adjustable cutting/plotting speed of up to 500mm per second, with preset cutting pressure and speed to minimize film sheet wastage. The multi-level cutting tip length adjustable cutting blade holder enhances versatility.

Powered by a high-speed microstepping stepper motor driving system, the machine achieves a cutting accuracy of 0.0025mm per step. Mechanical resolution is 0.0025mm, with less than 0.1mm tolerance on the final cutting. The machine operates on household 220V electricity and is compatible with generators through our precision AVR. Standby power consumption is approximately 5.76W, and working power consumption is around 26.4W.


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