3kW 0.6m Rolled DTF Film Powder Shaking, Baking Machine with 0.1m Fume Extraction H-DTF POWDER 600


3000W 600mm Rolled DTF Film Powder Shaking and Baking Machine with Fume Extraction Outlet, Cooling Fan and Take-Up Roller.

Seeking a dependable solution for top-tier prints on DTF film? Discover this robust 3000W 600mm Rolled DTF Film Powder Shaking and Baking Machine! Boasting advanced attributes such as a fume extraction outlet, cooling fan, and take-up roller, this machine empowers you to craft captivating prints effortlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice, you’ll value the user-friendly operation, reliability, and swift performance of our state-of-the-art DTF film powder shaking and baking machine. Don’t hesitate – elevate your printing game today by placing your order!


The Powder Baking Oven is equipped with three 1000W heating elements to swiftly and uniformly heat up for efficient DTF powder melting. Its temperature is both monitored and adjustable, boasting precision control within less than 1 degree Celsius. You can easily adjust the DTF powder shaking and dusting speed using the user-friendly percentage dial. Additionally, a cooling fan is provided to lower the film temperature before rolling, preventing ink/powder contamination. The oven also features a fume extractor outlet (fume extractor not included) with a universal 50mm outlet for efficient extraction. Furthermore, it includes a tension-adjustable take-up roller for added convenience.


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