1.8m Hybrid UV Large Format Printer, Flatbed Printing Table, Software, Two EPSON XP600 Printheads


1804D  Hybrid UV 1.8m Large Format Printer with Flatbed Printing Table, Two EPSON XP600 Printheads and Software, with 5L of CMYK and White UV Ink and Cleaner.

Stock on backorder and may take up to 3 weeks (by air) or 3 months (by sea) to be delivered. Please check with us for delivery time.


Stock on backorder and may take up to 3 weeks (by air) or 3 months (by sea) to be delivered. Please check with us for delivery time.

Presenting the Fast colour 1.8m Hybrid UV Large Format Printer! This cutting-edge printing device features a flatbed printing table, dual EPSON XP600 printheads, and PRINT software. Equipped with 5L of CMYK and white UV ink and cleaner, it excels at printing on various materials like PVC, glass, and wood. The Fast colour printer delivers outstanding prints with vibrant colors and precise details. Its hybrid UV technology ensures rapid drying and exceptional scratch resistance. Tailored for businesses seeking top-notch prints and enhanced productivity, this large format printer is a must-have. Don’t miss out on this remarkable printing solution!

Introducing our latest innovation, the Large Format Hybrid Printer boasting a Maximum Printing Width of 1800 mm and a Rolled Media Feeding System with a capacity of 20kg. It’s equipped with Bi-Directional Printing capability, offering exceptional versatility.

In terms of speed, the printer delivers impressive performance across different modes: 30 m2/h in 4 Pass Draft Mode, 20 m2/h in 6 Pass Production Mode, and 16 m2/h in 8 Pass Quality Mode. It comes with 1L of Premium Hybrid CMYK and White LED-UV Curable Ink, ideal for Roll-to-Roll and Board Printing.

For ink management, it features eight UV/Solvent Resist Ink Feeding Tanks with 8 Ink Pipes feeding both printheads, ensuring smooth operation. The package includes Free 100ml EPSON Factory Use Liquid for Printhead Daily Maintenance.

Designed to accommodate various ink types, the printer supports both Roll-to-Roll and Flatbed Printing (Extra Table Needed). It comes with a Bulk Ink System, Automatic Printhead Cleaning Functions, and an Automatic Lifting Printhead Ink Capping System for ease of maintenance and better printhead protection.

The Heavy-Duty Rolled Media Feeding Device prevents curling and offers width adjustability. Connectivity is seamless with a 100M Network Cable connection for fast and stable printing. It’s powered by two EPSON XP600 Printheads and PRINT Software.

The printer features a Pre-Heat and Post-Heat 2-Stage Heating System with 3-Level Temperature Control, along with an Integrated Front Dryer and Heater for additional media drying. It comes with a Rolling Up Device for media take-up after printing.

Operating on household 220V electricity, it has a standby power consumption of 32W and a maximum power consumption of 1500W. It supports printing resolutions of 720×720 DPI (4 pass), 720×1080 DPI (6 pass), and 720×1440 DPI (8 pass).

Installation is a breeze with fully robotic silicon-sealed 29PIN Cables, while Sealed Data Cables prevent ink spillage. Storage and transit temperatures range from 5°C to 35°C, with operation conditions set at a temperature of 19°C to 28°C and a relative humidity of 30% to 80% non-condensing.

Equipped with LED-UV lamps on both sides of the printheads, it enables Bi-Directional UV Printing. Additionally, it comes with front and back removable flatbed table extensions, allowing printing on boards up to 5mm thickness.


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